HCC Youth Ministries

From weekly Youth Group meetings and Bible Studies, to Summer Camp...Mission Trips...and more!
HCC is a place for Youth to grow, learn, and serve alongside one another and is a valued part of the greater HCC church family. Click the links below to find more information and connect with some of our areas of ministry or scroll down for general info for each age group. 
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Exploring Life With God for students grade six, seven and eight...

New Adventures, incredible fun, hold-your-breath-Middle School! 

This is the time to find out about this great God who loves you...

Thursday Nights 6-7:30pm in the HCC Activity Center

It's awesome! It's just for YOU!!

Questions: call or text Gabe (541-517-6691) 

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If you are a student in High School, grades 9-12, we are here for you!

Join us for weekly Youth Group meetings, Summer Camp at Winema, Mission Trips and many other opportunities where you can learn about the Lord and how much He loves you while serving and growing alongside your friends!



Sunday Nights 6-8pm in the HCC Activity Center

Starting with games and fun, music, and then a Bible lesson and small group discussion time followed by snacks. Bring your friends and experience what its like to BE KNOWN by the God who created you and our HCC Youth Coaches who love you!

(other High School Bible Studies have been suspended for now due to COVID)

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HCC YOUNG ADULT MINISTRIES are designed with the single 18-30 year old in mind! 

Anyone who is single, a student, working young adult, or hoping to be, this is the group for you!                            


Sunday Nights 6-8pm in the HCC Activity Center

Join us for some good evenings with Gabe and the crew! We start out alongside the high school students for games and Bible teaching, but then split into small group discussion with just College/Young Adults, followed by food! 

These regular Sunday activities are the touch points of this group and their main contact with each other. Students from Northwest Christian University, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Lane & Linn/Benton Community Colleges are joined by those who are working in vocations around the local area.

(other Young Adults Bible Studies have been suspended for now due to COVID)


KAIROS - "in the moment"

In the Greek language (the language of the New Testament in the Bible) they use more than one word to describe ideas and things.

Many languages are like that. Spanish. English. 
The concept of time has two separate words in Greek.The terms for time are "Chronos" and "Kairos". Each of them are translated by our English as the word "time". But there is a difference in these two Greek words.

Chronos is time that continually moves from the past, through the present and into the future. It is the time that we measure by our clocks and calendars. It is the time that dictates our lives. It is time on the move that cannot be slowed or stopped. God works through this "big picture" of time.

But kairos, the other Greek term for time, describes a present moment in time. It is the now. Kairos is a moment in which something special takes place. And God also works in these "unique" times.

Kairos is not measured by quantity. In Kairos, we are speaking of the qualityof time.


Every other year, the congregation of Harrisburg Christian Church sends a group of teenage and young adult "missionaries" to serve the Lord by building homes in Mexico for families in need. It is a "Kairos" kind of time. Unique. Limited. Special. Quality.

Every participant will begin to understand that for twelve days they live "in the moment" with the Lord and each other in an incredible experience unlike any other. The days are full and rich in love, purpose, energy, sacrifice, and meaning.


This June 2021 we hope to make this "Kairos" moment happen again. For needy Mexican families who need adequate shelter. For teens and adult leaders to give, grow, and serve. COVID19 has hampered many parts of our lives since March 2020. There are many questions to be answered about the feasibility of this kind of trip during this next summer. The answers are unknown right now. And may not come to light until very "late in the game". But knowing that with our God nothing is impossible…we will plan. We will prepare for a "Kairos" moment. We will pray that God may move mountains so that His will can be accomplished…whatever that may be.

For us…all He asks is that we live "in the moment" in our walk with Him. Whatever that moment may bring. More COVID19….or a journey of love to Mexico.


Are you ready to live in a "Kairos" way?
If you are in HIGH SCHOOL, COLLEGE student, or working YOUNG ADULT....GOD may be calling you to consider serving in MEXICO this summer.
Download the INFORMATION & FORM below and mail it to the HCC Offices, or call us and drop it by as soon as possible.