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Opportunities to SERVE with HCC

Jesus calls us to be "givers" rather than "takers".

There are many ways you can serve here in and through the family of Harrisburg Christian Church.

Our different ministries always have need for volunteers. You can always contact the Pastoral Staff or Ministry Team Leaders to talk with them about ways you can give your time, abilities, and heart for the Lord as you serve others in important ways.

Here are a few of the RECENT NEEDS we are aware of that YOU might be the perfect match!


    Painting the Exterior!                      August 15-18










The project is moving forward. Your prayers, participation and gifts are needed to complete the work. Contact the NORTHWEST CHRISTIAN NETWORK office to find out how you can get involved.

The prep work on the exterior of the old Tabernacle is happening...one person at a time. You can join in! August 15-18 is set aside as a week to finish prepping and begin painting. Any amount of time you can give is appreciated. Please RSVP dianne@nwchristiannetwork.com 

Food and housing available for the project. THANK YOU!

P.S. Mill Creek is a great way to cool off after working on the tabernacle! Blackberries will be ripe too!


HCC is sending a group of adults to the Tijuana area of Mexico to build homes for families in need NOV. 11-13, 2022 (Nov. 9-15 if you "road trip" with the group, or shorter time if you chose to fly.) Talk to BOB STRUTZ (541-521-1082) for details if you would like to serve with this special outreach ministry. SPECIAL MEETING for Commitment to the trip is AUGUST 21, 9:45am @ HCC. 

(Note that this mission is "self-funded".)



HCC is blessed with a wonderful set of buildings, grounds, and vehicles that help us to do the ministry of this congregation, and that we gladly share with our community! There is always work to be done to have it in good shape for all the wonderful ways we can use them to share God's love!

If you love to mow lawns, work in landscaping, have handy-man skills, love a good demo or clean-up project this is for you!









WE LOVE OUR KIDS! And we can always use more folks to help in our Children's Ministries on Sunday mornings. Everything from holding and rocking the babies, to helping with crafts, teaching, music, with wee ones through grade 5!

If you are interested in serving with kids, contact TESSI SIMS, HCC Children's Ministry Director, at 541-517-7927. (Evenings are best to reach her)

There is an application and background check process.




If you have sound technology 

skills or computer saavy...this

might be the spot for you!

We are always on the look out

for willing volunteers to help

our with our Sound, Projection, Live-stream needs on Sunday mornings as well as special events here with HCC. If this sounds like something you are suited for, contact GABE BUHLER our Pastor in charge of Worship & Technology Ministries with Harrisburg Christian. You can reach him at 541-517-6691 or buhlerg@hotmail.com

​                                                                SUPPORT TEAMS:

                                                                 There are always ways you                                                                     can help out with needs in                                                                     our Worship Celebrations                                                                       on Sunday mornings!

Can you rack chairs in the Activity Center after Late Worship? Are you a "people person" who would love to greet people at the door and help out those new to HCC that day? 

Contact GABE BUHLER or TWILA BUHLER in the HCC Offices to get on the teams!



Do you have Barista skills?

Can you take orders & payments? 

YOU could work in our Coffee Cafe


Currently from 9:45-10:25am our

Cafe is open to serve hot Espressos, Iced Coffees, Teas, other beverages, muffins etc.. All proceeds from sales go to support the HCC Youth Mexico Missions.

                                                         MUSICIANS PRAISE                                               TEAMS:

                                                         If you are a skilled vocalist who                                                             can lead songs, sing back-up to a                                                       leader, or a skilled guitarist,                                                                   pianist, or other instrumentalist                                                           there could be a place for you to

use your talents to help lead God's family here at HCC with worship music during our Worship Celebrations!

Contact our Worship Pastor, Gabe Buhler,

for an application packet and audition information.

541-517-6691 or buhlerg@hotmail.com


Do you love to cook or bake? Here is a great way for you to 

serve others! Whenever there  is a special need like a new baby born into a family, health problems, a even a death in the family, etc....

HCC has folks who will sign up

to help provide meals that are:

  • easy to transport

  • easy to eat

  • hold well

  • freeze well

You can minister to families in

times of crisis or celebration

with the gift of a meal or baked


CONTACT COLETTE PERCELL at collette.nicole.p@gmail.com to be added to the e-mail list as one who would be willing to provide food and encouragement for a specific circumstance, time, place, and people.