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Eagle's Nest Playground Fundraiser

Join the community of Harrisburg as we seek to improve the recreation options for our young community members! Plans and fund raising is underway for the "EAGLES NEST PLAYGROUND" to be re-furbished with new equipment and play & exercise spaces.

Read below to find out all about what's coming! We are excited to help provide kids of all ages with a good place to play and "move"!


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Don't want to give online? Cash or Check donations can be sent to:
Harrisburg Christian Church
601 Smith St.
Harrisburg, OR 97446

(Make checks payable to Harrisburg Christian Church and put "Playground" in the memo)
All donations for this project are facilitated by Harrisburg Christian Church.
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Background Info..........

In 2021, Harrisburg Christian Church’s Outreach Team

met with Harrisburg School District to discuss

partnering in a renovation of the dilapidated play-

ground structure at 6th and Smith Street, as well as landscaping the area in front of the old Tennis Courts - now known as "THE NEST" Basketball/Pickle Ball courts. The HCC Outreach Team removed the old playground equipment in 2021 and landscaped the front area in 2022. It is now time to replace that old playground structure with a new one and prices have risen dramatically over the last several years. After consulting with a couple of different companies that work with school districts, and getting multiple quotes, we have selected Wildwood Playgrounds NW and need to raise $128,000+ to replace the old playground structure and swings, as well as make the playground ADA compliant.

There will also be a fitness component that our Elementary and Middle School PE teachers can use, as well as folks in our community. This playground will remain open to the public.  

Harrisburg PTA have joined the efforts, the City of Harrisburg is donating $15,000 and we have received a grant from Lane County Health and Human Services in conjunction with Trillium for $16,000. Harrisburg School District is willing to donate the final $26,000 to this project if we can raise the rest of the money. Other Grant requests are being applied for and we await results of those applications.


Please consider coming alongside this exciting project with your donation!

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Have questions?

Feel free to email the project team!

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