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When a person recognizes their need for God, and chooses to get in follow the begins a life-long adventure! The changes God is making in your life begin inside, and in time they're revealed on the outside. These changes aren't the process of perfecting your acting ability. The God who is "in you" is expressing His nature through you. He is molding you and remaking you. You are changed. You are changing. Some changes are slow, others rapid.
But these changes don't come automatically. You'll have to work at being open and ready for God to move in you, and "move you" in some remarkable ways.
Being a "disciple" means you are a learner, a follower, someone who is engaged in the process of becoming "like Jesus". Hopefully your family at HCC can help you discover how to grasp meaningful new thoughts from Scripture as you look at the Bible and develop lifelong Bible study skills you can use to grow in your faith. Your church family here can also be ones who pray for you, and help encourage and teach you to communicate with your heavenly Father. You will experience serving, loving, and giving in ways that make a difference! Your walk with God depends on communication, just like every good relationship. We hope you are challenged to apply your discoveries in a way that brings you... and others... closer than ever to God and people. It's a life-long journey through all the ups and downs of life on this earth. And the end "here" is just the beginning of life in "full relationship" with God in heaven!

HCC Adult Discipleship opportunities are designed to help you 

Read through these webpages to take a look at how you connect and "get growing"!

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