2021 H.C.C. Budget

TRANSPARENCY is important to the HCC family and Leadership! And our finances are no exception. Above you can click on the link and find the current year HCC Budget. Regular Monthly "Profit-Loss", "Account Details", "Previous Year Comparisons", and a "Monthly Balance Sheet" is available upon request from the HCC Offices.


BY THE HCC CONGREGATION ON FEB. 7, 2021. All entries and Budget numbers will be administered "retroactive" from January 1, 2021.


* Early NOVEMBER - HCC Leadership Team reviews Year-To-Date numbers and begins formulating what ministry needs their areas might have for the coming year. Ministry Team Leaders meet with their team to pray, talk over, and plan for next calendar year.

* DECEMBER -  HCC Leadership Team continues their review of Year-To-Date numbers and hones in on changes/continuing/new ministry needs their areas might have for the coming year.

* EARLY JANUARY - With year-end final numbers in place, the Elders and Ministry Team Leaders carefully prepare their new Proposed Budgets for the new year. Consideration for giving results, previous year comparisons, and what will be needed in the coming year are all evaluated.

* MID-JANUARY -  The new years HCC PROPOSED BUDGET is reviewed and finalized. The Leadership Team gives it's approval after the Elders approval is given, and the new budget is then made available to the HCC family via email, paper copies, requested mailings, and on this website.

* JANUARY 24 -   HCC 2021 PROPOSED BUDGETS available.

* JANUARY 31 -   HCC 2021 PROPOSED BUDGET "PRESENTATION" Meeting at 12:15pm on Sunday, in-person in the Activity Center and "live-streamed" online on our facebook page. Administration Team Leader, Jesse Kampfer and Lead Pastor, Clare Buhler presiding. Time for questions and answers regarding the Budget numbers.

* FEBRUARY 7 -   HCC 2021 PROPOSED BUDGET "PLEDGE OF SUPPORT" is called for. Those who are a regular part of this local church are welcome to pledge their support in prayer, volunteer time, and finances to help with the HCC Ministries shown in this new year's budget. Pledges can be made by:
1. Email response to the 2/5 "Friday News"
2. Paper Pledge Card on Sunday morning
3. Mailing in a Pledge Card
4. Designating on the facebook "comment" section during Sunday
Worship Celebration  that you "Support Budget".