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YOUTH Summer CampS at WINEMA

Each year WINEMA CHRISTIAN CAMP has special camping experiences for Kids from grade three through Middle School and High School students from all over the Northwest! For one full week students can grow in their walk with the Lord and His people in a beautiful setting on the Oregon Coast. Winema is located between Lincoln City and Pacific City on Hiway 101 just north of the Neskowin Resort Community. It is literally "on the beach" in God's great outdoors that includes Daley Lake, the surf & sand of the Pacific Ocean, campgrounds & the camps' building facilities - all hovered over by the Crosses on the bluff that remind all of why Winema glorify God!    


                                                                                                       2024 YOUTH CAMP DATES that we have HCC students & staff going to....

                                                                                                           FIRST JUNIOR HIGH CAMP              JULY 7-13      (Evan Koons directs)

                                                                                                           SECOND HIGH SCHOOL CAMP      AUGUST 4-10   (Gabe Buhler directs)

                                                                                                                                                       For camps for other age levels and to register for all camps CLICK HERE!



CLICK on "WINEMA CAMPERSHIP" on the menu of this website!



Conferences & Other Camps  at WINEMA

During the fall, winter, and spring Winema Christian Camp hosts several family camps and weekend conferences. Here's a few of the offerings available for you and yours

* Memorial Day Weekend EXPLORERS CONFERENCE in May

* Hispanic Family Camp  in JUNE

* SeptemberFest (for senior adults) in September

* Week of Missions  end of July/first of August

* FAMILY CAMP on Labor Day Weekend in September

Check out info on Winema's website about this years camp:

For more information and registration for Conferences:

RENTAL R.V. CAMPSITES & BEACH HOUSES   for supporting churches & their families....

Because HCC supports WINEMA Christian Camp, YOU and your family can tent camp or use the Winema R.V. park, OR rent one of their beach houses to stay at during various times of the year.

Here's the link to the Camping and R.V. park info:

Here's the link to find out what, where, when, and how on HOUSES:

For more information on these opportunities and to learn about Winema...go to https//

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