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Check out the different options below for some ONLINE BIBLE STUDIES we recommend for you! Nothing can take the place of being with other believers in an "in-person" group for Bible Study and fellowship. But, you may need options for your personal time of study and reflection. Here are some "extra" studies to go along with your group Bible Studies or Life Groups you attend. It's time to engage with Scripture in a good way that will encourage you in your faith in the Lord!

Here are a few other FREE, online studies with great Bible teachers we think you'll connect with, just click a title and enjoy!



You will love these daily devotions with Dr. Melissa Ortiz Berry of Bushnell University!  Dr. Berry is the Assistant Professor of History and World Christianity at Bushnell University in Eugene, Oregon. She has also taught at Azusa Pacific University in California, and Calvary Chapel Bible Institute in Florida. Although she has many academic degrees, Dr. Berry would tell you that her most important title is "mommy" to twin three year old girls! She shares the joy of being a parent with her husband and fellow scholar, James Berry - her partner and her rock. She is full of joy, energy, and a passion of the Lord, the Bible, and people. Let her help you discover the truths of the Lord so relevant to our everyday lives.
This Daily Devotion series is her personal Daily Bible Reading and time of prayer that she shares with you. The thoughts are less than 15 minutes each. She invites you to join her for this daily dose of God's Word.

Find her ministry online at -

(This study goes LIVE most mornings on FACEBOOK at 9:30am if you want to interact in the chat section!)




Start learning at your own pace with BibleProject Classroom. Each lecture will sharpen your Bible study skills and make Scripture come alive! 


Free Bible Classes that fit your schedule

Self-paced study without homework, deadlines, or student loans.

  • Learn to read the Bible like an expert

  • 20-minute conversational lessons

  • Anytime, anywhere, for anyone

  • Several Bible Books to choose from





There is no finer Author/Pastor than Max Lucado. You will find his keen insights into daily life and the scriptures inspiring, timely, and a boost to your walk with Jesus.

Go online to  to sign up for his free daily encouragement

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