When you believe in something so great as God's love, you can't help but share it with everyone you meet!

And even more than that, you are convinced that God's love that reached to man in His Son, Jesus Christ, is the answer for all people in the world to a purposed, peaceful, and fulfilled life...both now and for eternity, connected with their Creator.

As Jesus' followers, we are called by Jesus to take His message everywhere and to everyone!

Everything we SAY, and everything we DO becomes infused by the Holy Spirit to share the "good news" of our Savior.

That's what the "Outreach" Ministries at HCC is all about!

Take a look and see what great ministries we are supporting with energy, prayer, people, and finances...


global ministries we support

Kenya, East Africa                         


                                                            MISSIONS OF HOPE, INTL. SCHOOLS

HCC is pleased to partner with CMFi in a wonderful program that matches families stateside with children in communities all over the world who need help with schooling at Mission Of Hope Schools, meals, health and wellness, clothing, and social work assistance for their families. For a small amount each month YOU can sponsor a specific child, write to them, even visit them if you choose a Kenyan child when HCC teams go to Nairobi, Kenya to serve!

For more information and to choose a child, go online to:




                                                                 ADMIRALS BASKETBALL ACADEMY

Eugene and Mira minister in the Eastern European country of Ukraine (part of the former Soviet Union). Their desire is to bring the life-giving, life-changing truth of Jesus Christ to the youth of Eurasia using the platform of sports to spread the gospel. Theirs is a holistic ministry that helps young people grow in faith, community, health, education, and physical sport integrated with  Biblical concepts and foundation. Eugene grew up in the neighboring country of Moldova, university educated and has extensive Bible course training. Mira is Ukrainian, the daughter of a Pastor, and an accomplished musician. They have a son, Martin, who is one year old. 

Go online for information about Admirals and the Pogorelov's:



ron & jacqui                                        WYCLIFFE BIBLE TRANSLATORS

Ron & Jacqui have served for almost four decades as Bible Translators in the islands of Indonesia. They are both gifted and trained linguists with advance degrees in that discipline. They are always in the midst of new translations for people groups who have no written form of Scripture in Indonesia. Both grew up here in the Eugene area, graduated from Bushnell (NCC) University. Ron served for a time as a Youth Pastor at HCC prior to launching onto the mission field.

Go to Wycliffe's website for more information about Ron & Jacqui:


The East

Austin & jess                                                                             E.L.I.C.

This married couple are intent on serving the Lord in Asia. With past experience in China and Hong Kong, they both are working hard stateside to be prepared to return to somewhere in Asia to minister. They are currently living in Southern California involved in studies, preparation, teaching, and fund raising. They hope to be back "on the field" by Winter 2022. Austin grew up here at HCC and Jess hails from Alaska.

Contact HCC Offices for more information about Austin & Jess.