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When you believe in something so great as God's love, you can't help but share it with everyone you meet!

And even more than that, you are convinced that God's love that reached to man in His Son, Jesus Christ, is the answer for all people in the world to a purposed, peaceful, and fulfilled life...both now and for eternity, connected with their Creator.

As Jesus' followers, we are called by Jesus to take His message everywhere and to everyone!

Everything we SAY, and everything we DO becomes infused by the Holy Spirit to share the "good news" of our Savior.

That's what the "Outreach" Ministries at HCC is all about!

Take a look and see what great ministries we are supporting with energy, prayer, people, and finances...


global ministries we support

Kenya, East Africa                         



HCC is pleased to partner with Missions Of Hope Int. in a wonderful program that matches families stateside with children in communities all over the world who need help with schooling at MOHi Schools. The program provides meals, health and wellness, clothing, and social work assistance for their families. For a small amount each month YOU can sponsor a specific child, write to them, even visit them if you choose a Kenyan child when HCC teams go to Nairobi, Kenya to serve!

For more information and to choose a child, go online -




Eugene and Mira had been ministering in the Eastern European country of Ukraine previous to the war breaking out there with Russia. Their desire is to continue to bring the life-giving, life-changing truth of Jesus Christ to the youth of Eurasia using the platform of sports to spread the gospel. Theirs is a holistic ministry that helps young people grow in faith, community, health, education, and physical sport integrated with  Biblical concepts and foundation. The war with Russia compromised their ministry in Ukraine and put the lives of many there in great danger. They continue to remain in contact with the youth and leaders in Ukraine by internet, doing Bible Studies and prayer with them.  We prayerfully support their efforts to see where God may use them in the healing of that nation. Eugene grew up in the neighboring country of Moldova, speaks Russian, Romanian, and English, is university educated in physics/sciences plus sport ministry, and has extensive Bible course training. Mira is Ukrainian, the daughter of a Pastor, and an accomplished musician. They have preschool sons, Martin and Elijah. They moved back to Moldova in late March 2023 to begin work there with Fellowship of Christian Athletes reaching young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the platform of Basketball and sports.

Go online for information about F.C.A.:

To Support financially.... the Pogorelov's:

 Satellite Gaming     jamie harris


A ministry pointing students to Jesus Christ through establishing relationships through video games. Now a growing global ministry, SG is reaching gamers all over the world with strategies honed by their beginnings in local communities here in the Willamette Valley!

Satellite Gaming works with local schools and communities to create positive, bully free, shoulder to shoulder gaming experiences.  They do this through hosting Esports events, creating after school programs and sharing life with students at Satellite Connect Groups. 

Encourage Positive Gaming: Our goal is to show students that they matter, and their actions make a difference. Gaming can be an isolating and discouraging environment. Because of this, we have created opportunities for students to come together, have fun, and support one another.

Educate Parents: Video games can provide a way to connect with our sons and daughters. We are here as a resource for community members. Whether you simply want to understand the hype around gaming or you want to foster a deeper relationship with your child, we are here to come alongside you.

Build Community: From social media to television, screens seem to be providing a way out of connecting with others. Our programs are unique as they are centered around bringing people together rather than pushing them apart through the use of video games.

You can find SG online at:

SHORT-TERM Global     Opportunities

HCC provides resources for those within our church family to reach out 

in special ways with short-term mission programs. Assistance with funding, travel, preparation etc. is available. Funding is limited so please

apply well before your program's deadline.

Your HCC family loves to encourage people to reach

out beyond themselves and serve the Lord!

 CLICK ON THE PDF ICON and download the application

and bring the completed form to the HCC Office.

If you have any questions, contact the HCC Outreach 

Ministry Team or the HCC Offices.


ron & jacqui                                    


Ron & Jacqui have served for almost four decades as Bible Translators in the islands of Indonesia. They are both gifted and trained linguists with advance degrees in that discipline. They are always in the midst of new translations for people groups who have no written form of Scripture in Indonesia. They have extensive experience in translation, teaching and leading Muslim students stateside, and teaching classes for churches and groups to better understand how to minister to those people groups.

Both grew up here in the Eugene area, graduated from Bushnell (NCC) University. Ron served for a time as a Youth Pastor at HCC prior to launching onto the mission field.

Go to Wycliffe's website for more information about Ron & Jacqui:

The Far East

Austin & jess                                                                             


This married couple are intent on serving the Father in Asia. With past experience in China and Hong Kong. They are now back in Asia to teach and serve.  They each have University degrees and experience teaching and serving with cross-cultural groups of young adults. Austin grew up here at HCC and Jess hails from Alaska.

Contact HCC Offices for more information about Austin & Jess.

HCC Mexico Missions

HCC YOUTH MISSION TRIPS    AMOR MINISTRIES          Since 2001, HCC has taken high school and college young adults on mission trips to Baja California, Mexico to build homes and hope for families in the Tijuana/Tecate/Rosarito communities. We partner with AMOR Ministries while in Mexico. In these areas where adequate housing is scarce, these 12 day trips make a world of difference for families in need. It also provides an incredible learning, serving, and growing experience for our youth. Every other year students meet, plan, raise funds, and prepare for the mission. The most recent trip was June 2023  right after school was out. They usually go every other year this same time frame.

(More information available on YOUTH page of this website)



The men of HCC have also made this road trip to Mexico to build homes and hope. It's a great time with guys over the age of 18 who pay their own way and not only enjoy their time on the road together, constructing the home, but are challenged in their own faith and what it means to serve the Lord by serving others.  If you are interesting in participating, contact: BOB STRUTZ, Trip Director

HCC adults MISSION TRIPS                     AMOR MINISTRIES

More great missions of service with all adults, married couples, and other trips that are open to families. NEXT TRIP is ALL-ADULTS set for October 10-15, 2024. INTEREST MEETING is APRIL 7, Noon @ HCC.                                                                                                                   BOB & PAM STRUTZ are Trip Directors

"Rio Bravo Project"  Mexico

STEVE JOLLY          

This ministry is new to HCC in 2024. Based in El Paso, TX., Steve and some of his team travel across the border every day to minister to children and their families in Ciudad Juarez. Some of the Rio Bravo leaders live in Juarez. Teaching kids the sport of Jiu Jitsu, Literacy training, and providing Meals all happen with the goal of sharing the Good News of Jesus with the children and their families. They partner with local churches in Mexico, AlgoMas church and Cordero de Dios. Rio Bravo Project it is having a big impact among this areas most vulnerable families at the Mexican-U.S. border.

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