Prayer Concerns

Please join together with the HCC family and lift up these concerns to the Lord.

They are many and diverse, yet each one so very important.

You can request prayer, or send prayer updates by email to:
Please designate if the requests are "confidential" or for the entire HCC family. Confidential requests will be shared with and prayed for by our Pastoral staff and Elders only.

HCC PRAYER LIST (updated February 27)

- OUR NATION:  Pray for our country, it's people and our leaders. For upcoming legislation: that God's will be done.
- LOCAL SCHOOLS: Students,staff, parents. Education of our kids during Covid19. Praising God for in-person classes and District Staff committed to our kids!

- FAMILY & FRIENDS OF ANDY FITZHUGH: Taken off Life Support after a devastating stroke. He passed away quickly. He was an active 49yr old and close friend of Jesse Kampfer. Pray for His wife Rebecca, daughters Hannah & Emma.

- JEREMY & HELEN BLACKSHEAR: Moved to Tillamook Feb. 20. New job with Tillamook Cheese Factory!
- JERRY RUDBURG: Failing health. At home on Hospice care.
- MARY LOU CRAWFORD: (Twila Buhler's stepmother) She is on hospice care after suffering a stroke and bleeding on the brain. Pray for her son, Steven Miller and her husband, Marvin Crawford (who suffers from Dementia) None of them are believers.

- RUTH FALK: Grief at loss of son, Eric. Recovery from Knee replacement surgery 1/5. Celebrated 90th Birthday this week.
- VESTA CRAIGER: Recovering from knee replacement surgery. Doing better.

- MELODY SMITH: Further treatment/surgery plans. Husband Richard Smith, is in poor health as well.

- STEVE JETER: (father of Rachel Smathers) Terminal brain cancer.  
- VERNE & LINDA SOLOMON: Verne now in Care center. Linda home, on dialysis. Plans for future care and concerns of ailing health for both.

FAMILY & FRIENDS OF JONNA HUSKY'S DAD (Hoekman): 91yrs.old. Passed away this week of poor health and Dementia. 
- GIDDINGS FAMILY & the town of Haines, Alaska (Jess Strutz's parents). Dangerous mudslides destroyed much of the town. Father of the Giddings family is Fire Chief and EMT there. Limited resources, devastated families, economy, community.
- ESTHER McELHINNEY: Cancer. Pray for treatments & peace of mind.
- MICHAEL BRYSON & FAMILY: Missing since August 2020. 27yr. old son of Parrish & Tina Bryson and sister to Krista.

Pray for Peace, closure and the work of the Foundation.
- JAKE WHISENHUNT: (Nephew of Barb Koontz) hospitalized at OHSU. Serious auto accident 9/23 with severe injuries. 

- BILL ERICKSON: (Uncle of James Henderson)  Hospice care.
- PAM HOLBERG: (Nikki Kropf's mom) Brain tumor.
- BECKY McINTYRE: Pastor's wife at Bethany Church of Franklin. Brain cancer has returned. 
- ALL THOSE AFFECTED BY WILDFIRES: Rebuilding homes, businesses, and lives.

- HCC YOUTH MEXICO 2021: Reopening of borders. Wisdom, Plans. Trip hopefully June 2021.

- WINEMA CHRISTIAN CAMP:  Clean up storm damage. Funding. Facilities. Staff hires. Summer.

- OREGON CHRISTIAN CONVENTION CENTER: Lots of debris clean-up needed from storms in Turner, Oregon area.
- THOSE STRUGGLING WITH JOBS & FINANCES at this precarious time. Prayer for employment, wisdom, courage, and peace.
- FIRST RESPONDERS, HEALTHCARE, DELIVERY, TEACHERS, OTHER ESSENTIAL FRONT-LINE WORKERS:  Safety, respect, wisdom, stamina, equipment. COVID concerns. Covid Immunizations.
- EUGENE & MIRA: Admirals Ministry in Ukraine. New place of ministry. New baby son, Martin. Grief at passing of Mira's dad.
- RON & JACQUI: Wycliff Bible Translators/Indonesia. Work online with translators, pastors in Indonesia on new texts. Discipleship projects. Ask for prayers for areas recently stricken with severe rain/flooding.
- AUSTIN & JESSICA: Education, plans for return to mission field. Now in CA. preparing.
- JOEL & MERCY BROCK serving in Nairobi, Kenya with CMFi/MOHi.
- MATHARE VALLEY SLUMS in Nairobi  Kenya: Mission Of Hope Schools (MOHi) & CMFi ministries we support. Re-opening schools.
- GARRY & LINDA: Retirement in CA. from years on global mission field.
- BUSHNELL UNIVERSITY. Wisdom. FAITH. Service. Celebrating 125yrs. Safety of students & faculty/COVID protocol.
- GOD'S STOREHOUSE: Providing food & household goods for local families in need. Donations of Food and household/clothing items.
- AMOR MINISTRIES: Prayer for more workers. Donations needed for their Food Pantry run by local pastors.

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