Prayer Concerns

Please join together with the HCC family and lift up these concerns to the Lord.

They are many and diverse, yet each one so very important.

You can request prayer, or send prayer updates by email to:
Please designate if the requests are "confidential", or for the entire HCC family. Confidential requests will be shared with and prayed for by our Pastoral staff and Elders only.

HCC PRAYER LIST (updated May 6 a.m.)
- OUR NATION:  Pray for our country, our state, our's people, and our leaders.

- LOCAL SCHOOLS: Students, staff, parents. Education of our kids during Covid19. Praising God for in-person classes  and athletic teams, and for all District Staff committed to our kids!

- ALAN CROUCHER: (Former HCC Youth Pastor) Surgery at OHSU 5/5 to remove old non-functioning kidneys, gall bladder,

part of his liver. His Poly-cystic disease caused trouble with cysts on these organs. Original Kidney transplant was in 2003. Recovering from surgery at OHSU monitored there for probably a week.

- AUDREY BROCK: Doctors are concerned about recurring infection in mesh insert. Determining course of action.

- DEBI MONTGOMERY: Reoccurring tumor activity on recent MRI. Consulting Doctors @ OHSU for next step treatment

- MICHELE BROWN: Surgery on 5/3. Tumors were NOT cancerous! PTL! Removed them. Now recovering from surgery.

- DON MEITHOF: (Marie Kampfer's 92 yr.old grandfather). Recurrent Cancer. Decisions about Chemo and future care.

- GEORGE & JANICE GIBSON: (Parents of MaryAnn Neuschwander) Both in very fragile health. Pray for the entire family as they seek to care for their parents in their final days.

- JERRY DAME: Surgery recovery

- BARB BUHLER:  (Clare's brother, Tracy's, wife) Fighting cancer. Chemotherapy in progress. Diagnosed now with COVID & a UTI.

- STEVE JETER: (father of Rachel Smathers) Inoperable brain cancer. Accessing options for treatment. Peace and wisdom. 
- VERNE & LINDA SOLOMON: Verne now in Care center. Linda at home, on dialysis. Future care &concerns of ailing health 

- HAINES, ALASKA -  Recovery from catastrophic mudslides...nearly destroyed the town. Jess Strutz's parents there.
- ESTHER McELHINNEY: Cancer. Now on Hospice. Pray for pain relief and peace of mind. And for her son, Johnny.
- MICHAEL BRYSON FAMILY: Missing since August 2020. 27yr. old son of Parrish & Tina Bryson and sister to Krista.

Pray for Peace, closure, and the work of the Foundation.  Pray for his dad, Parrish, who just completed chemotherapy.
- JAKE WHISENHUNT: (Nephew of Barb Koontz) hospitalized at OHSU. Serious auto accident 9/23 with severe injuries. 

- BILL ERICKSON: (Uncle of James Henderson)  Hospice care.
- PAM HOLBERG: (Nikki Kropf's mom) Brain tumor.
- BECKY McINTYRE: Pastor's wife at Bethany Church of Franklin. Brain cancer. Doing well with surgery recovery.

- COVID19 CONCERNS: Those with compromised Health situations, immunizations, fear, loss, economy, recovery. 

- ALL THOSE AFFECTED BY WILDFIRES: Rebuilding homes, businesses, and lives.

- HCC YOUTH MEXICO 2021: Sadness at having to cancel this trip for June of 2021. Too many COVID obstacles. 

- WINEMA CHRISTIAN CAMP:  Funding. Facilities. New Staff hires. Summer program in limbo because of Covid regulations. Need creative solutions so that camp experience for kids, youth, and families may resume.

- OREGON CHRISTIAN CONVENTION CENTER: Coming Convention and events. Facilities work to be done.
- THOSE STRUGGLING WITH JOBS, HOUSING, FINANCES: Prayer for employment, wisdom, courage, and peace.
- EUGENE & MIRA: Admirals Ministry in Ukraine. Need for new coaches/mentors as number of kids is increasing!
- RON & JACQUI: Wycliff Bible Translators/Indonesia. Work online with translators, pastors in Indonesia on new texts. Discipleship projects.
- AUSTIN & JESSICA: Education, plans for return to mission field with ELIC. Now in CA. preparing, fundraising, etc..
- JOEL & MERCY BROCK serving in Nairobi, Kenya with CMFi/Mission Of Hope Schools, Intl. For health and ministries.
- MATHARE VALLEY SLUMS in Nairobi  Kenya: Mission Of Hope Schools (MOHi) & CMFi ministries we support. 
- OUR HCC SPONSORED CHILDREN IN KENYA: Health & safety, return to schools. That they know God's love for them.
- BUSHNELL UNIVERSITY. Wisdom. FAITH. Service. Students, faculty, staff. Commencement May 8. Trustees meetings
- GOD'S STOREHOUSE: Providing food & household goods for local families in need. Donations, Volunteers always needed
- AMOR MINISTRIES: Prayer for Covid border restrictions to be resolved and families to be safe. Donations needed for their Food Pantry run by local pastors.

- SAFE FAMILIES: New opportunity for service for HCC folks. Provides respite care for children in crisis to avoid Foster Care system by short-term placement in Christian families. Contact Brenda Hoiland for more information. There is a great need for volunteers to serve kids and families.

- HOSEA YOUTH SERVICES: Our monthly efforts to provide meal. Ongoing ministry to street youth in Eugene, Oregon.