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Prayer Concerns

Please join together with the HCC family

and lift up these concerns to the Lord.

They are many and diverse, yet each

one so very important.

You can request prayer, or send prayer updates

by clicking the box below. Please designate if the requests are

"confidential", or for the entire HCC family.

Confidential requests will be shared with and prayed for

by our Pastoral staff and Elders only.



- FOR THOSE WE ENCOUNTER EVERYDAY who do not know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. That we may share the Good News in effective ways that bring them to the point of considering what God has done through the death and resurrection of His one and only Son, Jesus Christ. So many of our family, friends, work associates, schoolmates, etc. do not know His saving, loving grace!

- FOR THE HCC BODY: May we continue to devote ourselves to PRAYER, being WATCHFUL, THANKFUL, and PROCLAIMING the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST in our homes, with family and friends, where we work and play! May we be FULL OF GRACE, WISDOM, TRUTH and LOVE in every way as we REACH UP, REACH OUT, and GROW TOGETHER!


- UNREST IN THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD:  Pray for all nations in turmoil across the globe, for their people and leaders. Especially right now for the nation of ISRAEL and the war with the "Hamas" Terrorist group in the Palestinian Gaza area. Continue praying for UKRAINE and the war with Russia. Pray for ALL those whose lives are effected by the violence, loss of life and property, displaced and death of family members, and friends, and the absence of peaceful living.

- OUR COUNTRY, STATE, COMMUNITIES: Pray for our country, our state, our community.....for it's people, and our leaders. For the upcoming political elections. For foreign policy decisions. For wisdom, understanding, good decision-making by leaders that we might live lives of "peace and justice for all".

- THOSE STRUGGLING WITH JOBS, HOUSING, FINANCES: Prayer for accepting employment opportunities, adequate housing options in a lean market for rentals and buying, contentment, wisdom, courage, and peace no matter the circumstances.

- FOR THOSE SUFFERING WITH ADDICTION: Substance abuse  of all kinds (Alcohol, Marijuana, Meth, Heroin, etc.),  pornography/sexual addiction, food/exercise obsession's, and much much more. For God's healing. Courage to own the problem and make good decisions to fight the problem when sober. Protection from evil. For families whose loved ones are caught in this nightmare of addictive behavior and it's far-reaching consequences.

- OUR HCC GRADUATING STUDENTS: Pray for guidance, protection, wisdom, faith, and determination to grow in their walk with the Lord in these next years.  We have 13 High School students graduating and 2 College/University Grads from HCC this spring.

- RANDY (Shelly Rainey's cousins husband): Hospitalized a second time with heart issues. Requests prayer.

- LAURA GRIMES (Wife of Stephen) Laura came through Gall Bladder surgery that is somewhat complicated by her pregnancy with twin boys due in November in great shape!  Continue to pray for her good recovery.

- ZACH FULLER (and wife Abby) Zach has accepted a new position with Corban University in their Student Life Services! Zach & Abby will be moving to Salem this summer to begin his job there on campus. They praise the Lord for this new opportunity to serve the Lord and students!

- SARAH BRONSZ (cousin of Shelly Smith) Has had heart problems for years, but now is in need of a Heart Transplant. Pray for an organ to be found, and for the surgical team to be ready. Praise the Lord that she could have been in a terrible accident, but managed to pull the vehicle over when she passed out recently, and this helped Doctor's realize the need things were not well and she needs a new heart.


- CHRISSY CRABB:  Recovery from brain surgery to remove a large tumor. She is now home. 

- KATIE & SON JAYDEN: (Friend of Mikayla Buhler) Pray for year and a half old Jayden who had two strokes recently! At OHSU trying to determine causes. Pray for clarity on that, and for healing from these frightening situations with a little child.

- JORDAN (McCullough) STAMBAUGH: Her 6 year old daughter, Aielia, died in a tragic accident recently. Pray for Jordan, her family, and her ex-husband Tia. Pray for peace, a renewed relationship with the Lord, and relational healing. 


- TROY STUTZMAN:  Completed Radiation treatments for Prostate cancer. Praying that it will have had a good outcome.

- RON EASTRIDGE:  Problem with his esophagus. Referred back to his Primary Care Doctor from OHSU to await further instructions. Pray for relief from this medical issue, frustration with medical care options, and peace in the midst of it all.

- MITCH NEWTON (Ricardo Canas boss and friend) who has been battling lung cancer. Surgery to remove one lung and a rib went better than expected with less done that anticipated. Mitch is well-respected by many who depend on him as a father, husband, and boss. Ricardo would like us to pray for healing and for Mitch's family, workers, and friends.

- JONNA HOEKMAN (HUSKY) Severe pain from nerve damage after Tumor surgery. Pray for relief from pain and that God will heal her from this painful situation.

- CINDY (Sister of Dennis Wolfard)  Cancer returned in Spine & Lungs. It is spreading and clustering in bones and more serious than predicted. She is at home now. Continue to pray for Cindy & her family that they might trust in God.


-THRESA ATHEY: (sister of Val Stutzman) Chemo treatments for liver cancer are resumed. Prayers for healing and peace.

- ALAN CROUCHER: (Former HCC Youth Pastor) Doing much better now after concerning Neurological causes of current problems. Appeared to be damage from a fall. Home now. Pray for continued plan of treatment and healing.

- KATHY NOFZIGER (Daughter-in-law of Tim & Karen Salisbury):  PET scan showed no new cancer in her body but one of the tumors in her brain has grown by 3mm. Kathy was told that it isn't necessarily the cancer growing, it could be necrosis around the tumor or inflammation. Kathy sees the radiologist oncologist soon.  She and husband Scott have two children, ages 15 and 11. They live in Brush Prairie, WA.


- JIM & ANITA McCLURE FAMILY Multiple health issues currently affecting different members of their close and extended family. Pray for the improved physical, mental, and spiritual health of all of those in the family. including great-grand daughter, FINLEY, age three, who suffers from Leukemia and is receiving treatments at OHSU.

- DERREK (Nephew of Randy & Debbi Klemm) Paralyzed after a motorcycle accident from chest down. Prayers for Derrek as he navigates life. He is determined to discover how he can most effectively serve our God in his new life circumstances. Pray for him and his family.

- GOD'S STOREHOUSE: Providing food & household goods for local families in need. Donations and Volunteers always needed. Opportunity to move location with more room and upgraded facilities.


- MICHAEL BRYSON'S FAMILY & FRIENDS: Missing since August 2020. Son of Parrish & Tina Bryson, sister to Krista. Pray for resolution and Peace.

- HCC ELDERS & LEADERSHIP: For their personal walk with the Lord and godly, faithful leading/shepherding the HCC family. 

- STEVE JOLLY & RIO BRAVO PROJECT:  A new outreach ministry and missionary HCC hopes to support soon! Based in El Paso, TX., They partner with local churches in Mexico, AlgoMas church and Cordero de Diosm to serve kids in the area. Rio Bravo Project it is having a big impact among this areas most vulnerable families at the Mexican-U.S. border.

- SATELLITE GAMING:  A new outreach ministry for HCC ministering to "gamers", a majority who are young people. Pray for continued connections with students and adults in this culture, that SG may share the good news of Jesus as they engage online and in person all around the globe! Remember Satellite Gaming Founder and Leader, Jamie Harris, as he leads and guides this dynamic ministry.

- WINEMA CHRISTIAN CAMP:  Facilities. Leadership. Camps/conferences this Spring and Summer season. HCC's Gabe Buhler serves on their Board of Directors. Evan Koons and Gabe also direct youth summer camps there. Many HCC kids and families enjoy it's ministries.


- NORTHWEST CHRISTIAN NETWORK: Fall season programming. Resources for churches to reach their communities for Christ. Special Pastor & Leadership training. Primarily located on the historic Turner Tabernacle Grounds in Turner, Oregon.


- TURNER RETIREMENT HOMES:  Prayer for staff & residents - Staff shortages and resident's health. Transitioning to new care plans.


- MID-VALLEY FELLOWSHIP: Pray for those who are struggling with sexual and relational wholeness in the midst of a broken and confused world. Pray for Fall season programs coming up and those who serve others through MVF as they seek to redeem and restore lives thru Christ.

- EUGENE & MIRA POGORELOV: Our global missionaries aligned with Fellowship of Christian Athletes ministries in Moldova. Pray for the country of Moldova, their ministry there and the youth they serve.  Summer Camp season has begun. Work in the local church too!


- RON & JACQUI WHISLER: Wycliff Bible Translators/Indonesia. Back in Indonesia working with translators, pastors on new texts and Discipleship projects. 

- AUSTIN & JESS: In Asia with Pinnacle Teaching. That they continue reaching out to others with the gospel in whatever way they can in this restricted country. More connections with football players and families establishing relationships to speak truth in good ways. Personal spiritual growth.


- OUR HCC "MISSIONS OF HOPE" SPONSORED CHILDREN IN KENYA: Health & safety, in school. That they know God's love for them. Huge need for more sponsors! Mission Of Hope Schools (MOHi) & CMFi ministries we support in the Mathare Valley slums of Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. MOHi also has schools and ministries in rural Kenya effected by severe draught. 

- BUSHNELL UNIVERSITY. Wisdom. FAITH. Service. Students, faculty, staff. "Venture Forward" Campaign, building remodel progress, new staff positions open and hires. HCC'ers who are Staff and Faculty: Joe Womack (President), Tysen Buhler (Grounds), Awbrie Koons (Student Services), Gabe Buhler (Chapel Band & Worship Music Ministries).

- AMOR MINISTRIES: Continued opportunity to provide housing & hope. Spiritual emphasis. Food Pantry run by local HMA/churches


- SAFE FAMILIES:  Provides respite care for children in crisis to avoid Foster Care system by short-term placement in Christian families.  Need for volunteers to serve kids & families.

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