COVID19 Concerns

Harrisburg Christian Church is always concerned about the health and safety concerns of our
families, church, and our community. We realize there are MANY different thoughts and
feelings that surround the COVID19 situation. We have tried to make sure our practices and
attitude during this time reflect safety, Christ's love, care, and respect for all people.

* WE ARE COMMITTED to allow for our HCC family to follow guidelines as they see fit in their personal lives.

  We will, however, continue to encourage our church family when we gather together to be mindful of each others concerns, and consider

  others safety worries above our personal freedoms. Let all be done "in love" ... beyond all other freedoms.


* WE ASK YOU TO CONSIDER complying with the latest MASK MANDATE from the state of Oregon (8/11).  Everyone over the age of 5 years, those who are vaccinated, those not vaccinated, and those who have previously had Covid19 are asked to wear a mask when indoors in public places. Exceptions are allowed for activities where it would be impractical or impossible to wear a mask - while eating or drinking, during swimming and organized competitive sports; and for performances involving singing or speaking in public. We realize the effectiveness of most masks is debated in the scientific and medical communities. We also realize the value of Paul's words to the church in Rome recorded in Romans 13 regarding those chosen to be in governing authority. There may be a time when compliance with certain mandates cannot be followed in all good conscience. This is not yet one of them.

WE CHOOSE NOT TO "POLICE" THIS MANDATE. No one will be told to put on a mask when they are at our facilities. No one will be asked to leave if they do not wear a mask to an HCC gathering.


* DISPOSABLE FACE MASKS, HAND WASHING supplies, & HAND SANITIZER will be available in our facilities for people to use. You are encouraged to make sure they clean your hands regularly with soap and water, and consider wearing a mask if you are vulnerable with health concerns.

* SANITIZING and Disinfecting in our facilities will continue. Our janitorial staff will be paying extra attention before and after folks are in our facilities to make sure surfaces are clean and sanitized.

* PEOPLE WHO HAVE TESTED POSITIVE or BEEN EXPOSED TO OTHERS WHO'VE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID19, and are still within the quarantine limit (10 days), should NOT attend or participate in events with the HCC family "in-person".

* ANYONE WITH ANY KNOWN SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS (including but not limited to COVID19) are asked not to participate in events with the HCC family "in person". PLEASE STAY HOME if you are running a temperature, have congestion, coughing, difficulty breathing, head/body aches, and any flu, cold, or ANY illness symptoms. This is a good thing to do at ANY time...not just during COVID19.

* If you have questions about those details, please contact the HCC Office, Pastoral Staff, or Eldership for clarification.