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Harrisburg Christian Church is always concerned about the health and safety concerns of our families, church, and our community. We realize there are MANY different thoughts and feelings that surround the COVID19 situation.                     We have tried to make sure our practices and attitude during this time reflect Christ's love, care, and respect for all people. 

Read on to see specific ways we plan to abide by the State of Oregon current metric guidelines for Linn County during this time....


* OUR HCC OFFICES are CLOSED to the public. You can call during regular office hours to schedule an appointment, "pick-up/drop-off", or anything you might need. Drop-ins: we will meet you outside and invite you in at your own descretion.


(Watch our Livestream on our Facebook page at 10:30am on Sundays or watch a replay any time during the week!)

* SANITIZING and Disinfecting will continue. Our janitorial staff will be paying extra attention before and after folks are in our facilities to make sure surfaces are clean and sanitized.

* HAND WASHING options & HAND SANITIZER will be available for all who are in our facilities. People are encouraged to make sure they clean their hands regularly with soap and water.

* PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO OTHERS WHO'VE TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID19, and are still within the quarantine limit, should not attend or participate in events with the HCC family "in-person".

* ANYONE WITH ANY KNOWN SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS, or COVID19, are asked not to participate in events with the HCC family "in person". PLEASE STAY HOME if you are running a temperature, have congestion, coughing, difficulty breathing, head/body aches, and any flu or cold symptoms. You can enjoy HCC Worship online at 10:30am every Sunday morning online.

* FACE MASKS are now required by the State of Oregon in ALL INDOOR PUBLIC SPACES, and OUTDOORS where a distance of 6ft between people cannot be maintained. We will cooperate with this mandate. Please bring a mask to wear at church. CHILDREN under 5 yrs are NOT REQUIRED to wear a mask.

* The state of Oregon requires that we instruct people to practice safe SOCIAL DISTANCING. This means all seating is spaced for 6ft between family groups. Please consider your interaction with others not in your family group and consider keeping a distance of at least 6 feet from each other. We encourage you to comply.  
PLEASE respect others desire to follow this protocol and do not assume they are good with a "hug" from you!

* Outlined in State guidelines, gatherings of churches and like groups are limited following social distancing guidelines of the 6ft rule based on computation of room capacities. (Our Activity Center, because of it's size, ventilation, and exterior exits - has no occupancy size restrictions.)

* Because of the very complicated and extremely limiting restrictions placed on groups of children meeting together, we are providing LIMITED CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING.  NURSERY CARE is not available for the time being on Sunday mornings. CHILDREN GRADES K-5 are welcome to be dismissed from the BIBLE MESSAGE (Sermon) of our morning Worship Celebration. Preschoolers are allowed to attend Children's Church IF a Parent or Adult accompanies them. Kids are welcome to sit with their families, but we remind mom and dad to be aware of the social distancing guidelines and concerns. 

* Kids Coloring & Learning Sheets with crayons are available for each indoor in-person service. 

* HCC will NOT be hosting ANY Guest Groups in our facilities (inside or outside) UNTIL PHASE THREE has begun. 

* We are committed to following the restrictions imposed as stated by our governing authorities in the State of Oregon, Linn County, and our nation. With respect for those leaders (Read Romans 13 and the apostle Paul's admonition to the church to respect government leaders) we are implementing the guidelines set forth currently. 

* If you have questions about those details, please contact the HCC Office, Pastoral Staff, or Eldership (541-995-6723) for clarification.

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